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We offer customized, personable concierge relocation services. Our holistic approach provides à la carte lifestyle assistance for moving, job transition, recruiting new hires or consultation based on the employee’s needs and preferences.

Concierge Relocation Provides:

  • In-depth initial consultation for the employee
  • Personal Host for the employee, spouse, and/or family
  • Access to premium real estate agents
  • Below market rates on subsequent mortgages
  • Stress-free transition so the employee can fully engage at work
  • Reduced burden on internal HR department

Our New Hire Program:

  • Is a powerful tool to differentiate your organization and attract top talent
  • Allows us to assist candidates early in the recruitment process
  • Eases candidate’s relocation reluctance
  • Assures spouse of a smooth transition
  • Results in more accepted offers

Lifestyle Assistance Options:

  • Schools and education
  • Childcare and daycare facilities
  • Churches
  • Community centers
  • Utility connection
  • Insurance
  • Furnishing and decorating
  • Domestic and household help
  • Pet-sitters and dog-walkers
  • Toll tags and parking permits
  • DMV registration and driver’s license updating
  • Alarm systems and locksmiths
  • Beauty referrals
  • Health and fitness
  • HOA and community orientations
  • Temporary housing
  • Moving and packing assistance

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The next move has never been so easy!

At Concierge Relocation, we provide personable relocation services to unique customers from all types of industries and walks of life.  We make sure that our customers always feel reassured.  And at the end of the day, it is our goal that every single customer feels relieved and free of burden.